Ohio State Football: Bowl Ban Aside, Buckeyes Have Historic Year
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Bowl Ban Aside, Buckeyes Have Historic Year

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NCAA sanctions weren’t going to deter the Buckeyes from beating rival Michigan in what was considered their “Super Bowl,” but little did they know would they be sitting at 12-0 by season’s end.Blog Photo - Ohio State Football: Bowl Ban Aside, Buckeyes Have Historic Year

One year from finishing with its worst record since the late 1980s, Ohio State was set to start anew with coach Urban Meyer leading the refurbished Buckeyes.

Bringing his spread-option offense and attack-style special teams playbook, Meyer wasn’t sure how good the 6-7 (3-5) Buckeyes he inherited were going to be.

At one point during the offseason, he had mentioned how there were no playmakers on the roster and how the team wasn’t great.

But after ending the year with a win over Brady Hoke and the Wolverines, marking the 12th of the season, he retracted his comments:

“This is a great football team,” said Meyer during an on-field interview after the game on Saturday. “We went 12-0, and just beat a very good football team. This will go down as one of the best teams in Ohio State history.”

Whether his comments are true or not, finishing undefeated is an extraordinary accomplishment and, given the circumstances, extremely impressive.

Think about it. Meyer came in—one year off the coaching grid, mind you—grabbed one of the nation’s best recruiting classes in less than two months despite having restrictions, implemented an entirely new, complex offense in one offseason, kept his players focused in what has claimed to be a meaningless season, and led a team that had lost seven games the year before to a 12-0 record.

Meyer should be a top candidate for national coach of the year.

What Ohio State has done this year is remarkable, even if its strength of schedule isn’t on par to those of Alabama and Notre Dame.

But unfortunately, we don’t get to watch this exciting Buckeyes team in a bowl game this year (although they can win the AP title, currently at No. 4 in the AP Top 25).

Be on the lookout for them in 2013-14 to be on the national title hunt and a legitimate contender for the first college football playoffs in 2014-15.

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Indeed my friend, they had a great year i'd say.