Ohio State Football: Buckeyes Tight End Marcus Baugh Cited for Underage Drinking, But Should You Care?

Ohio State TE Baugh Cited for Underage Drinking, But Why Does It Matter to You?

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Ohio State Buckeyes redshirt freshman tight end Marcus Baugh was charged with underage drinking  Blog Photo - Ohio State Football: Buckeyes Tight End Marcus Baugh Cited for Underage Drinking, But Should You Care?on January 17, per the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. This marks the second time the Riverside (CA) native has been cited for the first-degree misdemeanor since July, and coach Urban Meyer has already suspended him indefinitely.

Unless you're an Ohio State fan—and there are many of you out there—you could probably care less about this incident, frankly because it's not your team, not one of your players and not your fan-borne duty to carry the burden. But for those who have taken special notice and offense to Baugh's recent news-worthy actions: Why do you care so much?

Baugh is an assumed 19-year-old kid that likes to have a good time (I know, it's a real shocker) and enjoy the college experience with his peers every now and then. Brace yourself for some real sarcasm: It may or may not come to a surprise to you, but sometimes that does include the consumption of alcohol. (gasp!)

No, I'm not condoning underage drinking. It's illegal and it can lead to poor, 19-year-old-like decisions. What I'm saying is that those who are scorning him for it need to get off their high horse and quit acting like he committed murder.

College students partake in underage drinking activities (a.k.a. binge drinking) all the time, and that's how it's been since before you and I were born. It'll continue to happen, too.

And please don't give me that 'well, he's held to a higher standard because he plays football' crap, either. To reiterate my former comment, he's a teenager—an unpaid, test-taking, still-growing, parent-dependent teenager. Who just so happens to drink alcohol on occasion (assuming he's not a raging alcoholic).

It wasn't too long ago that you were gushing over Baugh's raw abilities. At 6-foot-4, 245 pounds, he's an athletically gifted freak of nature that is scary good at creating space and is one nasty red zone threat. He has all the right assets to fit Meyer's offensive scheme, possessing the size, speed and versatility to disrupt the secondary.

There shouldn't be any reason to doubt his future in Columbus, either. Former tight end Jake Stoneburner—a fan favorite—was arrested for a much more concerning misdemeanor charge in June of 2012 before going on to start in the season opener against Miami (OH).

So please, don't judge Baugh too harshly and quit being a stickler. Odds are that you had a beer or two before you were 21 years of age.

The only difference here is that you weren't on a national platform by playing football for The Ohio State University.

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