Ohio State football: Urban Meyer talks about future hurdles

What's Meyer's biggest fear down the stretch?

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Urban Meyer's biggest remaining obstacle isn't Illinois, Indiana or Michigan. It isn't Michigan State (presumed) in the Big Ten Championship Game, and it isn't missing out on the chance to play for a BCS title. Blog Photo - Ohio State football: Urban Meyer talks about future hurdles

No, what Meyer is worried about the most is players on his team getting a big head and becoming a distraction. A prime example is wide receiver Evan Spencer, who earlier in the week said Ohio State would "wipe the floor" with Alabama or anyone else they played in the title game (which was taken out of context).

"Fast forward to November of 2013," Meyer said during his weekly call-in to 97.1 The Fan. "How does something bad happen? Because someone is worried and making stupid comments about ‘wiping floors.’ First of all, he’s not going to wipe the floor with anybody. I got news. I love Evan Spencer, but he ain’t that good. I’ll tell ‘em if he is. We need to worry about having a really good Wednesday practice. If that helps our Wednesday practice, say it and keep saying it and saying it and saying it. But we all know having been in the profession or business long enough, that doesn’t have anything to do with it. 

“And so my biggest fear is that a player or coach gets distracted. There’s going to be coaches on our staff that maybe get opportunities to become a head football coach. There’s a time for that. It’s certainly not in November of 2013. Any distractions like that are completely not fair to Ohio State. There is a time like after the season you want to have conversations or something, that’s your business because you have families to take care of and I agree with that. As a player, your job is to go practice really hard, learn the game plan, stay focused, and encourage and motivate your teammates. Other than that, you go to class and make sure you’re close to your family.”

He did add that Spencer is "an awesome kid," and "probably as good as a kid as we have on our team," but it's safe to say that Meyer isn't afraid to hold back and tell it how it is.

Spencer obviously meant no harm by his comments, and was more than likely set up for failure from the  start. I mean really, how is a guy who is a big part to a 9-0 team that is fighting for a spot in the BCS title game supposed to react when asked what they'd do against the defending national champs?

Should he have said, 'oh, they're the better team, they'd beat us for sure'? Absolutely not, he would have been ridiculed hard for that response too.

I agree with Meyer in that Spencer probably could have used some different terminology (although he did laugh afterward and say he was "a little biased"), but I also think this thing has been blown out of context.

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