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Ok, my attempt at a reality check on the USA-Canada hockey issue.

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Ok, we got people going back and forth about the meaning of the USA-Canada hockey game.   US fans are thrilled and trying to live it up.  Canadian fans are coming back with the fact that it was just a prelim with no elimination attached and vowing it just woke them up.

I think the big consequence of this game is on the horizon Wednesday.   Canada now had drawn a matchup with Russia in the quarterfinals.  It is sort of like a supervillian somehow figuring a way to make his 2 main superhero obstacles fight each other BEFORE they can get to him. 

True, it rarely works out for the villian, but it is at least a better chance than facing both of them.  and since we are NOT in a comic book/TV show/movie/etc. (that I know of), the typical "good must win" law does not necessarily apply.   So having 2 powerful opponents bash each other where one must be eliminated probably rates as a positive step.

Now, for the moment, USA's biggest concern is the Swiss, so all of that is more about potential and possibilities at the moment.   In the interest of taking the high road, I will spare you some vain attempt at making some kind of joke involving swiss cheese.
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hockey54 wrote:
Looks like we may get a re-match in a few days in a game that will really count!

don't count out the Fins.  they are a tough team who is more than capable of making USA pay for a flat performance or even capable of stepping up and putting together an inspired performance of their own.

Also, it is at least vaguely possible that Slovakia has another hot streak type game in them.  The upset is unlikely but not impossible.

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Looks like we may get a re-match in a few days in a game that will really count!

2/24/10   |   isucubs   |   27 respect

Well, it looks like Canada was the stronger of the 2 in the game tonight.   Russia will not medal.  Not what people expected before the Olympics started, I imagine.