Olympic pole vaulter Lazaro Borges' pole snaps accident
Olympics, Summer

If I were Cuban pole vaulter Lazaro Borges, I'd need to change my drawers after this one

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Blog Photo - Olympic pole vaulter Lazaro Borges' pole snaps accidentCuban pole vaulter Lazaro Borges had a rather unfortunate mishap during the semifinals in the 2012 London Olympics yesterday, as his pole snapped in 3 pieces while he was trying to clear the bar.

Borges, who had medal hopes coming into the semifinal, had finished 2nd last year in the world championships.

This year, he missed the finals partially due to this terrifying incident.

I have to give him credit. He seemed to take it in stride, despite the fact that it looked like he was almost impaled by his pole.

I'll be honest... I probably would have crapped my pants. Check it out:

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