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Olympics say no to womens softball

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Okay, hopefully I heard this wrong, but I could have swore I heard today that the Olympican Committee has said no to the future of womens fast pitch softball at least until the year 2012. The speculative reason is due to the fact that the USA women dominate in this sport and the "committe" wishes to give the other countries a chance to catch up.
Someone PLEASE correct me, please tell me this is an untrue reason why. There has to be a better reason.

For so many years girls have fought for their schools to put more money into their program. From high school to college. Most schools focus more-so on the "mens" sports and tend to forget that we women play just as hard and want that win just as much. Personally,  I played HS volleyball and softball, was the co-cap on each all through HS, and no, we were not that lucky to have our ball field mowed and striped. We, the team, had to do it ourselves.  We weren't as important as the state champ contending football team.

That was the 90's

Now,  flash to today. Girls sports are becoming, if not already as much as, important as the guys in HS and college. So many young ladies work so hard on the court, on the field, and in the classroom, with the dream of someday being an Olympician, the same dreams that the young men have.

Why then, must a sport that the USA women are dominating so to speak, be pulled? Why not the mens basketball team, or heck,  with the dominanice of Phelps, pull the mens swim team. Let the other countries "catch up" there. Oh yeah, that's right, those are MENS teams.

Let the girls play!!!  We have dreams too!!!
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There was also the resurgence in anti-America feeling that was around the same time as that vote.