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Olympics set standard for strict parenting Kayaker Mike Dawson got penalized by his mother

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Blog Photo - Olympics set standard for strict parenting  Kayaker Mike Dawson got penalized by his mother
Kay Dawson has clearly made an example out of her son at the 2012 London Olympics. Strict parenting has always been under question, but what happens if parents are judges at a high profile games event.
In Mike Dawson’s case, the kayaker is representing New Zealand at the most prestigious sports event of all, the Olympics… and his mother just happens to be the judge!
Mike Dawson took New Zealand to the semifinals of the kayaking event at the 2012 London Olympics even though his mother handed him a 2-second penalty. Mike Dawson touched gate five at the 18-gate kayaking course set at the 2012 London Olympics.
As a result Mike Dawson’s didn’t hesitate to slap her son with a two second penalty on Sunday. Mike Dawson will not participate in the semifinals which are scheduled for Wednesday.
Mike Dawson accepted the penalty from the judge respectfully… after she was her mother. Nonetheless, Mike Dawson did joke about the incident in an email to The Associated Press. Mike Dawson told them that he was tempted to get his coach into filing a protest “about that particular judge” at the kayak event.
Well, if Mike Dawson persuaded his coach to file a protest against his mother then dinner at the Dawsons would be the perfect definition of “awkward”, and that’s not just because of his mother.
Mike Dawson’s coach is his father – Les Dawson.
“That would've had all sorts of ramifications after the Olympics, and besides, I like mum's cooking too much!” Mike Dawson wrote in an email to The Associated Press on Monday.
Mike Dawson added that he was happy at his mother’s fair decision. Mike Dawson expressed that this proved the competition was a fair event for every competitor.
“… (This) definitely dispels any hint of bias and I wouldn't have it any other way,” Mike Dawson added. “Fortunately it was definitely a genuine touch, and of course she called it right, as I'd expect her to ... though I'll be trying my hardest to keep mum unoccupied in my semifinal run," he said.”
Mike Dawson stood eighth from the 15 kayakers who qualified for the semifinals at the 2012 London Olympics. This is Mike Dawson’s first Olympic experience, although Kay Dawson (his mother) was also a kayaking judge at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
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