One Diehard Football Fans Ritual As The Season Begins

A Diehard Football Fan's Ritual

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There is no better time of the year than fall and football season. For this diehard football fan at least. I won't knock you if you tell me you love summer. The sun, beaches, relaxing with a few drinks, sure. I get it. Not for me though.

Nothing gets me up in the morning like a NFL Sunday morning. In fact, the preparation starts on Friday night. You get your weekend plans in order, pregame with a little college football action on Saturday and gets your ducks in a row for that Sunday morning. Whether you are going to the actual game, heading out to the sports bar or inviting friends over to your man-cave, every DIEHARD fan knows what I am talking about.

Stock your fridge with a 24-pack, order your favorite sandwhich or prep your favorite tailgate meal, whatever it may be, we all have our own ritual. Allow me to take you through my ritual, step-by-step. I'm sure many of you will be nodding your head in agreement or saying "ahh I know EXACTLY what he means."

I will start it out by sharing my "I am going to watch the game at home week".. it begins on Saturday morning when I give my buddies a shout and organize who is bringing/cooking what. Usually ends up with my house, and my cooking. We supply the food, the crew brings the alcohol and other beverages and the desserts/snacks. The supplies for the meal, chicken cutlets with prosciutto and fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce to the chicken wings, whatever it may be, the ingredients are taking care of on Saturday. Then Saturday night is when we plan what game is playing on what TV and who is sitting where. Yes we are that crazy!
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