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Another heartbreaker for me in college hoops last night with a last second loser, but the Wiz and Kings came through with the OVER in a late game.  Hopefully, that will get me rolling again as there's a little hole to climb out of this week.

THE NBA  (3-2 ATS/3-1 SU/4-1 TOTALS last night and 9-12/12-8/10-11 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (1-0 last night and 1-1 so far for the week)
NETS (-240) over Bobcats - I'm going to jump on the Nets one more time before declaring them another Atlanta Hawks.  I don't want to lay 3 possessions on them against another team that's most likely on their way to the playoffs, but after letting that game get away against the Wiz, I just feel like the Nets won't let that happen again.

Bulls (-12 1/2, U195) 102 Heat (-6, U199) 101
76ERS   89 CELTICS   92
Bobcats   90 Jazz   89
NETS (-6, O194 1/2) 107 GRIZZLIES (-11 1/2, O188 1/2) 120
Raptors (-1, O198 1/2)                      109 Pacers   99
PELICANS 107 KNICKS (+2, O194) 113
Wolves (+5, O210 1/2) 105 Pistons 118
MAVS 108 NUGGETS (-7 1/2, O218) 130
Magic (+11 1/2, O209) 113 Spurs (-13, O222 1/20 127

COLLEGE HOOPS  (11-8 ATS/10-7 SU/12-7 TOTALS last night and 13-11/13-9/14-10 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (0-1 last night and 0-2 so far for the week)
1.  Tennessee (+2 1/2) vs. Iowa - I don't know if this should be considered all that much of an upset if the Vols get by the Hawkeyes here.  Tennessee is bigger, stronger and faster than Iowa, and they play better defense.  Personally, I think the Vols win this one SU, but it's nice to have a little cushion and getting points.
2.  PARLAY:  LA. TECH (-500) over Iona and TEXAS A&M (-220) over Wyoming - I don't want to cast any aspersions toward Iona, but when this Tech team gets out and runs, they'll run the Gaels legs off.  For the A&M game, it's a stark contrast for these 2 squads.  Both are stellar home teams, but neither can play a lick when they're on the road, and College Station is a long way from Laramie.

Cal Poly 58 Iowa 48
Tx. Southern (+4, U129 1/2) 64 Tennessee (+2 1/2, U144) 55
Toledo 64 Iona 56
SO. MISS (-7, O144 1/2) 81 LA. TECH (-8, U166) 76
Vermont (+5 1/2, U135) 59 Cal-Irvine (+9 1/2, U131) 52
Lsu 50 Utah Valley (+13, O129 1/2) 67
SAN FRANCISCO (-2 1/2, U148 1/2) 65 CAL 64
Illinois 52    
BOSTON (+2 1/2, U131) 60    
Wyoming 50 Morehead St. 60
TEXAS A&M (-4, U115 1/2) 61 ILLINOIS ST. (-6, U142 1/2) 67
Radford (+15 1/2, O153 1/2) 83 S. Dakota St. 47
OREGON ST. 83 OLD DOMINION (-1, U131) 53
Fresno St. (+4 1/2, O134 1/2) 70 Princeton (-8 1/2, U128) 67
Hampton (+12 1/2, O145) 75    
PENN ST. 76    
Quinnipiac 73 Towson 79
YALE (-3, O145) 77 S. CAR.-UPSTATE (-2 1/2, O139 1/2) 82
Cleveland St. (pk, U133) 68 Akron 72
OHIO 61 IPFW (-2 1/2, O137) 76
Murray St. (+4 1/2, O139) 79 N. Dakota (+6 1/2, U164 1/2) 80
Tex.-A&M-C.C. (+6 1/2, O134 1/2) 75 Pacific 68
N. COLORADO 71 GRAND CANYON (+3, U150 1/2) 80

---I don't know if you have any interest at all, but if you get a chance tonight, flip over to the Cal-Irvine/SMU game.  Irvine (The Anteaters.  I love that!) has this kid that's like a hundred feet tall.  He's got no offensive game yet, but nobody gets in the paint with much success with him camped in there.
---I'm sure I'm not telling any stories out of school here, but Cal is terribly overrated.  If I didn't have other games that I was more happy with, I'd be on that Utah Valley squad to easily get under that number.
---San Francisco also looks like a pretty strong option as well.  LSU is a long way from home, and while moving 2 time zones west isn't as harsh as having to go in the other direction, SF is a solid squad with a very balanced offense.
---I still haven't figured out why Illinois is playing in Boston tonight instead of hosting.  From all the info I have the Illini are the higher seed in their "quadrant", and that should get them a home game.  Go figure.

It's the quiet before the storm.  How many of you are taking tomorrow off or calling in sick for the first big day of The Madness?  If so, be careful out there tonight.  Have a great rest of your day, and I'll see you bright and early tomorrow.
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