One option among many other for Lebron to consider after the 2013-14 season.

10/19/12 in NBA   |   Jeverson_Cruz   |   4 respect

       ESPN's Brian Windhorst was the first to report that reigning NBA Champion Lebron James could join the LA Lakers once Kobe retires after the 2013-14 season. In an interview with, Kobe reiterated that it might be it for him after his current contract runs out. 
     The Lakers would have the salary cap to sign a player of the caliber of Lebron with the salaries of Paul Gasol and Kobe Bryant coming off the books. This team does have the prestige that comes along with luring a guy of Lebron's stature but I feel like Lebron still has a soft spot for Cleveland in his heart. LA will have Dwight Howard commanding the middle, assuming he resigns after this season, which would entice Lebron to play with another superstar. One might suggest that returning to Cleveland would really help Lebron repair a tarnished image that he has with that city. Besides Dwight Howard, who knows what other pieces the Lakers may have in place to reach their ultimate goal of winning more championships. Cleveland does have some up and coming talent in point guard Kyrie Irving, who draws comparisons to a young Chris Paul and power forward Tristan Thompson. Their salary cap should be in good shape if Lebron decides to return, as well as allowing them to surround James with more pieces to win the franchise's first NBA Championship. 
    No matter what kind of grudge Cleveland Cavalier fans may hold towards Lebron James, I suggest that if he decided to return, they would welcome him with open arms. With stricter NBA salary cap repercussions after the 2013-14 season, it'll be interesting to see how much longer the Big 3 have together in Miami and other teams that are over the cap. Also, if and when Lebron James becomes a free agent, I wonder if history will repeat itself and it'll be the summer of 2009 all over again, when teams moved heaven and earth trying to convince Lebron to sign with their franchise. In my opinion, Cleveland has draft picks, salary cap and young talent that should at least have Lebron thinking of joining them after the 2013-2014 season.
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