Oneida Nation still trying to change Redskins name

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsOneida Nation continued its efforts to change the name of Washington Redskins to something else that they might find less insulting to their Native American heritage. They requested a meeting with the 32 NFL owners during Super Bowl week to discuss the issue of the name. They are looking forward to putting their case before Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL owners so they may review their case and ultimately talk to Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to change the name from Washington Redskins to something that Oneida Nation would not be offended by.
The movement under the name of Change the Mascot Campaign is run by Oneida Indian Nation and has been at it for some time now. Their leader and case representative Ray Halbritter was not happy with how things went down at the meeting.
"Given the way the meeting transpired, it became somewhat evident they were defending the continued use of the name. Of course, we're disappointed,” he said.
Commissioner Goodell was invited by the Oneida Nation to pay a visit to their ancestral homelands as a friendly gesture. On the other hand, they wanted implementation of new rules and regulations within the NFL that would stop any franchise from naming themselves that would be insulting to one’s nationality, ethnicity or personal life. They said that even the dictionaries define Redskin as a racial slur.
An official statement was issued by the NFL about the meeting. Goodell was absent from it. Senior vice president Adolpho Birch and executive vice presidents Jeff Pash and Paul Hicks served as representatives for the NFL.
"We met at the request of Ray Halbritter of the Oneida Nation. We listened and respectfully discussed the views of Mr. Halbritter, Oneida Nation Wolf Clan Representative Keller George and their colleagues,” the statement read, “as well as the sharply differing views of many other Native Americans and fans in general.
The statement continued that the meeting was called to address the Oneida Nations demands.
“The meeting was part of an ongoing dialogue to facilitate listening and learning, consistent with the commissioner's comments earlier this year."
It seems the Oneida Nation won’t be giving up its efforts for now and will continue efforts against the Redskins name.
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