Orange madness is over

6/22/08 in   |   kisschris   |   34 respect

So it has happened. The team who showed the best soccer in years are out of euro 2008.

The team lost last night against Russia. The Russians were simply superieur over the Netherlands.

This also ends orange madness. The Dutch are totally crazy when it comes to there national team.

For instance: The city of Bazel was overwelmed by approxematly 100.000 fans, a city with normaly 150.000 people. It's a 500 mile drive but hey, everything for the support of Orange. Only 15000 where going to the stadium, the rest was there to party Dutch style. This all ended by a great defeat from the Russians. Unbelieveble to see that Guus Hiddink is pulling the same stunt like he did with South-Korea. Total underdogs who perform above there normal standing. So all the dutch can do is remember the good times.

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