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Nobody cares.  The Nets had a nice win last night over the Lakers.  Deron Williams was brilliant with 30 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds.  Paul Pierce summoned memories of his younger days by pitching in 25 points as well, but their performance was overshadowed by something that 99.9% of basketball fans care nothing about:  Jason Collins is gay, and he made his return to the NBA in a Nets uniform last night.

Of course, you are supposed to care that Collins is gay.  You're just not enlightened enough, or you haven't yet reached that level of awareness to care about this monumental event that will definitely go down in history as the biggest event that ever occurred in sports.  At least that's what the 4-letter network and the rest of the limp-wristed mass media would have you believe.  The first headline I saw in reference to the Nets game last night read:  "Nets win in Collins return."  There was nothing about either Williams' or Pierce's performance, and never mind the fact that in almost 10 and a half minutes of playing time, Collins racked up a whopping 0 points, 1 rebound and 5 fouls.  There's just no way the Nets could have won that game without the gay man on the team.  Get real, people. 

The signing of Collins was a boon for the 4-letter network.  They were running out of gas after almost 2 weeks of continual coverage of Michael Sam's sexual preference.  They needed something to keep the gay agenda going, and Collins fits the bill.  Since he didn't score last night, we'll certainly be kept abreast of that if he does when the Nets   I'm sure the headline for that might well be:  "Nets win behind Collins 2 points."

It's all very stupid, and I'm sick of it.  Nobody cares that Collins or Michael Sam is gay.  Hey, I'm just an ordinary average guy.  I don't give a "flyin' rat's patoot" about what goes on, or the choices they have made in their personal lives, but I don't appreciate in the least that this lifestyle choice is shoved down my throat like it's normal or in the mainstream.  It is not, and it never will be. 

You see, being gay is a choice, and you can't argue that it isn't.  You also can't argue that it's normal behavior because such behavior upsets the natural balance and order of the world.  It is abhorrent, unnatural and abnormal to be gay.

We are inundated with "sexual creativity" from all directions, whether it be straight or gay, and that's a major problem in our society, but there is one indisputable fact:  Human beings are sexual beings.  It's why we were created by God in the way He chose in the first place.  We are supposed to couple, but that coupling is intended to be one man and one woman for the procreation and survival of the species.  Any other combination is an abomination, and you know what else?  It's just lazy. 

You want to be gay?  Great!  That's your choice.  I don't need to, nor do I want to know about it.  I don't have any desire to say what should go on in your personal life.  SHEESH!  As a proud and openly straight man, I don't want to know what's going on in the personal lives of other straight people.  So, get out of my face with this whole "Gay is the new normal" agenda being pushed on me and the rest of the world.  Nobody cares.

But wait!  There's more!  Regardless of how it's packaged for our consumption, neither Jason Collins', nor Michael Sam's sexual preference is about enlightening the rest of us or heightening our awareness or acceptance of their choices in life.  There isn't going to be, nor was there ever any chance that there would be rioting in the streets because a gay man is playing in the NBA or would be drafted to play in the NFL.  That's just not the way normal people operate.  Get ready though.  Because as unenlightened and unaccepting as you are, I'm about to change that for you.

Follow the money.  It's as simple as that.  If you remember a couple of years ago, Jason Collins was the guy that "came out" to the world.  I might be wrong, but I think he was a member of the Wizards at the time, but the key to the whole thing was that Collins was about to test the free agent market.  Obviously, it was his and his handler's thought that by making his earth shattering announcement of his gayness would result in interest in him on the open market.  Why is that?  Collins is not a good player.  He was very good while at Stanford, but he's never been nothing more than a minutes eater in the NBA.  He's about as far from impactful as I am.

It didn't work though.  He's been sitting things out since that time.  There was no interest in a guy that isn't really going to add anything to a team with his lack of skills on the court.  He tried, but he miscalculated.  I'm sure the thought was that if nobody showed interest in him, he could claim "damage", maybe file a lawsuit against the league and it's owners for colluding to discriminate against him because of his sexual orientation, but a somewhat less than mediocre player with a track record of performance like his has no standing for filing such a suit.

It's the same for Michael Sam.  His case differs in a key way though.  Sam is an unknown quantity still.  He had a nice career at Mizzou, but he doesn't have "the measureables" that NFL scouts are looking for.  He's quick and fast, but he's small.  He also wasn't a guy that opposing offenses game-planned for or rotated protections too because of his size.  That went to the other side of the Tigers defense and left Sam free to excel.  The general opinion of Sam is that his speed is about all he has.  His size will be a detriment that can be easily handled by fullbacks that are as big or bigger than he is, or that he can easily be "chipped" and taken out of plays by the huge tight ends that are featured in the league these days.

As a result, Sam is projected to go in the mid- to late rounds of the draft.  So, while Joe Six-pack doesn't care if Sam is gay or not, the move to suddenly announce to the world that he is gay is all about an attempt to enhance his potential for being drafted---maybe higher than he should be.  It's all about the money, folks.  I'm sure that's not a huge surprise to you.  We're all a lot smarter than what we're given credit for.

And when Sam is drafted, it's not going to be because he's gay.  The NFL is a business, and if there is a team out there that thinks Sam can produce and help the bottom line, that's the reason he'll be selected.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  The play on the table for Sam and his people was made only to ensure that he will be drafted, and if he goes higher than he's originally projected, that will mean more money for him.  But don't expect that to happen.  I guess you can't blame a guy for trying, but what you can revile such a tactic for is by trying to guilt us into believing that Sam deserves some kind of special treatment because he's gay.  Sorry.  That's just not the way the world works.  There are some out there that wish it did work that way, but normal will always be normal, and there will always be a whole lot more of us than there will be of them, and we will continue to drive the bus.

Soap box is almost ready to be put away for the day, but not quite.  Political correctness has no place in this little corner of the world, so If you're one of those easily offended types, tough toenails!  I mentioned Collins line from last night's game:  0 points, 1 rebound and 5 fouls in 10 and a half minutes of playing time.  What do you think the percentage of the crowd on hand for the game, or those watching on TV back on the east coast last night at some point at least thought about Collins' performance, or lack thereof:  "What do you expect?  He's gay."  With such a heavy topic, it's always good to leave with a little levity.

A relatively short schedule from both formats tonight.  Here's what we're looking at.

 THE NBA  (5-3 ATS/5-2 SU/3-5 TOTALS last night)

BUTTA  (1-0 last night)
JAZZ (-150) over Celtics - It's a short number, but I'm not laying points with a subpar team regardless of the fact that they're better than their opponent.  And the Jazz are better than the Celts.  One thing we can count on is that Boston will play hard.  They just don't have the talent or team chemistry to get the results yet.

Bucks (-1, O206 1/2) 114 Warriors 108
76ERS 113 PISTONS (+2 1/2, O208) 109
Mavs   96 Clippers 109
KNICKS (+4, U204 1/2) 105 PELICANS (+3 1/2, O206) 109
Celtics   97    
JAZZ (-3, O189 1/2) 102    

I really don't have any notes for tonight's schedule other than the fact that most of these projections look a little off to me  However, I'm not willing to go against any of my numbers for any of these games either.

COLLEGE HOOPS  (8-5 ATS/9-3 SU/4-9 TOTALS yesterday)

BUTTA  (no plays yesterday)
And there isn't anything to get excited about tonight either.

Syracuse 66 Oklahoma   76
MARYLAND (+4, O131) 67 KANSAS (-10 1/2, O155) 100
Oklahoma St. 79    
TCU (+12, O139) 68    

Have a great start to your work week.  I'll see you tomorrow.
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