Oregon Football Recruit Xavier Ramos Has Scholarship Pulled
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The New World of College Football Recruiting: Kind of Like Airline Overbooking?

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Do you ever get that knot in your gut when you arrive too late at the gate counter in the airport, only to find your reserved spot on the plane has been given to another passenger?

Well, similar situations in the college football recruiting world are happening now to recruits who are hoping to lock up a scholarship offer from a prominent school.

This is what happened to Xavier Ramos of St. Bonaventure High School in Ventura, CA recently. The Oregon Ducks Football program rescinded a written scholarship offer, already accepted by Ramos, because a better player at the same position accepted an offer as well.

The problem is this incident makes Oregon look desperate for recruits, since they didn’t want to take a chance of losing both players. And recruits might now consider waiting before committing, just to see how things will shake out for them personally.

Yeah, it was a mistake, but this is kind of a “black-eye mistake” that you don’t live down easily as a program. Columnists around the West are having a field day with this issue, with comments like this justification doesn’t fly and Oregon deserves a credibility hit. Even the coach at St. Bonaventure, Todd Therrien, has said Oregon is no longer welcome there, after this incident.

Does this kind of things happen at other schools around the country? You bet.  And now, the national media is paying close attention and adding their two cents.  Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated says that while it’s “unsavory” to pull an offer, “it is common”.  Bruce Feldman of ESPN writes that this incident is one of the ugly realities of modern-day recruiting. Plenty of colleges send out offers en masse in order to land only a few recruits.  Arizona (136 offers) and Stanford (98) send out the most in the Pac-10, according to Rivals.com.

Now granted, there is time for Ramos to recover, and other coaches will love to play up Oregon’s mistake in order to land Ramos as a recruit. He can take solace in the fact that Army still is offering, and he’s been contacted by Arizona.  

Ramos isn’t the only victim ever.  For another denied recruit in recent memory, the road to a scholarship has been rougher than Ramos’s.  Andy Staples, later in his SI story, writes:

“The case of the football recruit who sued Hawaii over a yanked verbal scholarship offer still appears headed to trial. Wanda Smith, whose son, Daniel, sued in February after learning the offer he received wouldn't be honored, said a judge will rule July 9 on Hawaii's claim of sovereign immunity. If the judge rules that the school can be held liable, it would pave the way for a trial. The attorney for Hawaii's co-defendant, former Warriors assistant Jeff Reinebold, sent a letter to Smith's attorney on June 12 advising that if Smith loses the case, he could be held liable for Reinebold's attorney's fees. Smith claims that Reinebold offered a scholarship, and, after the defensive back accepted, told Smith that he shouldn't communicate with other schools. In recent years, Davidson and Northwestern have settled lawsuits brought by basketball recruits whose scholarship offers were revoked. In both of those cases, the players had written offers. Smith did not receive a written offer.”  

As for the one-allowed contact call from the Ducks, I can only imagine that a one-sided conversation took place as Oregon assistant coach Steve Greatwood made the call.  And I’m sure it went something like this:
Greatwood: Well, son. I know you’ve already accepted our scholarship offer, but we found this other great kid who’s better than you, and we’re going to go ahead and give him your scholarship. Is that cool?

Ramos: Uhhh….

Greatwood: Outstanding! We’re all set then. Good luck with your new program.

All joking aside, college programs should be held to a higher standard and commit to a recruit once an acceptance is made.


Source: (Team Tailgate)

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6/24/08   |   philtheduck

It's a shame that this sort of thing happens but it does when you are recruiting so many players so early. 


In defense of the DUCK Football Coaching Staff, they did notify him a full year in advance of his senior year so he has more than enough time to find another school.


If he was good enough to almost attend Oregon to play football, there is another coach at a good school who will take him.




The other side of the story - how many times have we seen a recruit give their verbal agreement to attend said school and the day before signing day the recruit signs with another school and the coaching staff is hustling to find another starting offensive linemen.

6/24/08   |   Todd

UPDATE: from the Eugene (Oregon) Register-Guard... the "other" recruit may/may not exist:


The "Other" Recruit in the Ramos Saga

6/24/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Wait there are shenanigans when it comes to college recruiting?




Is there nothing sacred????



6/24/08   |   RichmondSpider

It's kinda like dating - you dance with who you brought, and you go with who you said yes to first...