Oregon football: Ducks TE Pharaoh Brown suspended for Alamo Bowl

Oregon University snowball fight becomes disastrous

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Even the simplest things such as a snowball fight can take a turn for the worst nowadays, and that’s the case for Oregon starting tight end Pharaoh Brown. Blog Photo - Oregon football: Ducks TE Pharaoh Brown suspended for Alamo Bowl

What likely started off as a harmless game of snow wars escalated when a few students decided to start pelting a car making its way through the madness. Of course the person driving the vehicle just so happened to be a University professor.

I personally wouldn’t have enjoyed having to deal with having my car punished by the gunslinging-mentality of some of those students, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world—it’s just snow (assuming they weren’t throwing iceballs).

However, as you can see from the :45 mark, things get sketchy. The professor opens his car door (WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!) to try to reason with the unwavering blizzard warriors, only to have a bucket of snow dumped on him before he can get out.

Of course the perpetrator just happened to be an Oregon football player, and he earned himself a backseat view of the team's upcoming bowl game against Texas with at least a one-game suspension.

The loss of Brown for the Alamo Bowl means less size and depth up the seams for the Ducks, but it shouldn’t make too much of an impact between quarterback Marcus Mariota and the passing game.

This whole thing really isn’t a big deal, as the suspension is a result of nothing but immaturity. Many may think it’s stupid for someone to miss time because of a snowball fight, but student-athletes are held to a higher standard and Helfrich doesn’t want Brown’s actions to be reflective of the football program.

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