Other penalties NCAA considered for Manziel

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Blog Photo - Manziel to appeal 30 minute suspension
Johnny Manziel sits pensively on the sideline
as he contemplates his 30 minute suspension

Here are some alternative measures considered by the NCAA after investigating Johnny Manziel's possible misconduct off the field.
1. Manziel is permitted to play the entire season opener but is not allowed to high five any of his teammates.

2. Manziel is required to buy his jersey, pads, and helmet from the Texas A&M school store before every game this season. The equipment must be returned afterwards and then bought back before the following game.

3. Manziel may play in the season opener but only if he promises to not play that well.

4. Manziel may no longer go by the nickname "Johnny Football," but has the option to be known instead as "John Pigskin."

5. Manziel is allowed to play the entire season but only if he promises to buy everybody presents once he gets to the NFL. 

6. Manziel may play the entire season but must also play every following season for the Aggies until he can no longer physically able to stand upright and count down from 10 backwards. Also, he is not permitted to ever profit from the educational, character-building experience that is playing NCAA football.

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