Ottawa Senators fate could wrap up on Tuesday

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Ottawa Senators at this point are in a very difficult position for the postseason as they are relying on the outcome of other teams to see if they qualify for the playoffs or not. They will be facing the New York Islanders on Tuesday night and even if they do end up winning the match their position for the postseason will be decided on the outcome of Detroit Red Wings and Columbus Blue Jackets matches.
They are just 1 point shy of kicking the Senators out of the race. The Jackets and Wings have 4 more games to go so they have a good chance to end their playoff dreams. Jackets will face the Phoenix Coyotes and the Wings will face Buffalo Sabres. It wasn’t that the Senators didn’t expect it to drop at this point. They knew that losing games meant such circumstances would develop and they would end up dependant on the outcome of other teams.
Senators winger Clarke MacArthur said that they didn’t expect to be kicked out of the race this way, by the outcome of other teams.
"It's a negative," said MacArthur. "When you set out your goals at the start of the year that's never the plan to be mathematically eliminated.”
He added that they had some good runs in the race and then in the midst of it all they dropped the ball and lost most of their games. That was the reason that they were in such a position now and were actually looking to all of this to come to this point.
"We had good stretches. We had tough stretches. Then, we had a lot in the middle. That's kind of what you're going to get. We kind of left it up to other teams. It's tough that way."
The Senators will only see failure and feel pain if they look back and try to figure out why they ended up losing the season. MacArthur said that there was a team that wasn’t gonna cut it and then there was a team that couldn’t make it even though it had the resources and talent to do so and the most painful truth was that they were the second category of team.
"There's team that miss the playoffs and then there's teams that weren't going to be in the playoffs," said MacArthur. "We were a team that ... There's 10 games where we had two and three goal leads and we just weren't able to handle it and finish games.”
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