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Outfits That You Should Never Wear For Marathons

4/13/08 in Track and Field   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

It would be understandable if you didn't know that the London Marathon was going on yesterday, considering most of you reading this probably aren't British. And frankly, there's no real reason to bring the marathon up except for this reason - some guy ran the whole thing in a Borat beach outfit. Yikes. Get him some Gold Bond stat.

Now, you're probably thinking, that's pretty ballsy, and it is. But it gets even more hilarious. The mystery runner also used the marathon to campaign against China's involvement in Tibet, with the words 'Free Tibet' written on his butt. Take that China.

And just to get even more ridiculous, the woman's race was ironically won by Kazakhstan-born Irina Mikitenko.

Of course, as hilarious - and horrifying - as this outfit is, it still pales in comparison to the greatest outfit ever worn at a marathon.

That award goes to this dude on the right from last year's Chicago marathon.

And don't worry, there is an actual purpose behind this guy. He's Mr. Testicles, the mascot for the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign. He's also a Brit by the way.

And just so you, he does more than just marathons. He's the Bo Jackson of mascots.

Here's a nice little history of his exploits from my old blog. The dude snowboards, skis, and even figure skates (yes, there are videos of all of those). Take that Borat guy. You'll never have the balls to be Mr. Testicles.
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