Overview of pre-draft NBA trade rumors

Pre-draft NBA trade rumor overview

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There are two times per year in the NBA that you know a number of trades are going to happen. The first is at the in-season trade deadline, and the other is around the time of the NBA Draft. With the draft set to take place on Thursday night, we're bound to see some players moved around. What we're bound to see even more of are rumors that players will be shipped off to different teams. There are already a bunch of trade scenarios floating around from different reporters, so here is a quick overview of some of the blockbuster trade rumors:
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Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn Nets: The Nets would reportedly send back Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, Tomike Shanglia, and three first-round picks. The Celtics would also like to dump the contract of either Jason Terry or Courtney Lee in the deal. Because of the option in Pierce's contract, he can not be traded until July 10, which complicates the deal. However, the Nets could be drafting for the Celtics when their pick comes around at 22nd overall. Garnett has a no-trade clause in his contract, but would reportedly approve a deal sending him to Brooklyn.

LaMarcus Aldridge to Chicago Bulls or Dallas Mavericks: Reports have surfaced that Aldridge is no longer happy in Portland. He did not renew any of his local endorsements, and has sold his condo in the area. He would prefer to be traded if the Trail Blazers do not make significant improvements to their roster before the start of next season, but has stated that he will not be a problem for the team if he sticks around. The Blazers' current asking price for Aldridge is two first-round picks with at least one player. Aldridge is said to prefer either the Bulls or the Mavericks as his new team. Aldridge was born in Texas and played for the University of Texas, so it is not surprising that he would want to play for the Mavericks, who are reportedly shopping their No. 13 pick in Thursday's draft.

No. 13 pick to Milwaukee Bucks: The Bucks have their sights set on Russian small forward Sergey Karasev, but they don't feel that he will fall to them at 15th overall. The Bucks have reportedly had discussions with the Dallas Mavericks to swap picks in the first round. The Cavaliers are also said to be targeting Karasev, and are trying to jump the Bucks in the draft order. The Bucks moving up to 13th could prevent the Cavaliers from jumping them.

Brandon Jennings to ...?: The Bucks have reportedly made restricted free agent Brandon Jennings available via trade. Jennings is looking for a max contract this summer, and it doesn't seem like the Bucks are willing to give it to him. By trading him now, the Bucks could bring back some assets, rather than losing him for nothing as a free agent. Of course, there may not be any team willing to dish out max money to a player who has shot under 40% from the field in three out of his four career seasons.

No. 2 pick to Oklahoma City Thunder, Minnesota Timberwolves, or Portland Trail Blazers: The Orlando Magic have reportedly been in serious discussions with all three teams regarding their second overall pick. I'd consider the Thunder to be the most likely team to complete a deal. The Thunder have a number of first round picks in the coming drafts, and have been rumored to be aggressively pursuing a spot in the top-5. Maryland center Alex Len looks to be their key target. Wolves' general manager Flip Saunders is said to be enamored with Indiana shooting guard Victor Oladipo (as I'm sure many GM's are). The Blazers could very well be targeting a big man like Len or Anthony Bennett, particularly if the aforementioned Aldridge rumor comes to fruition.

That's all for now, but more rumors are sure to be constantly popping up right through the draft.
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