Ozzie Guillen story was lost in translation by ESPN....terrible job, shameful

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Don't know who the ESPN translator was nor do I care but he missed the essence of Ozzies statements, he was LOST IN THE TRANSLATION.

They just as well had a Google translator program do the work, it would of been just as, how do I say, sin ninguna direction. Look it up.

Come on folks, this is ESPN, the leading sports media in the world and this is the best they can do, as a Latino I was offended by the inability of the ESPN translator to give life to Ozzie statement.

I'm going to give one example of what I'm talking about.

The word, LO SIENTO, means I'm sorry, the folks at ESPN translated the words LE PIDO PERDON O PEDIRLES PERDON as I'm sorry.


The words PEDIRLES PERDON means TO ASK FOR FORGIVENESS and it has total different meaning than I'm sorry, when (at least growing up as a kid) someone pide perdon it is a given that that person understand the seriousness of the situation.

Is the ultimate statement of regret, the only other time that is used is when you are in confession or dying.

To some of you I'm sure this might be trivial but I do know what Ozzie was trying to get people to understand even to the non-Spanish speaking fans.

God bless you Ozzie, proud of you for standing up like the Hombre that you are, bless you for asking for forgiveness.

Now give Miami a Serie Mundial.

Enough said.

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