PBR: Professional or Home on the Range?

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It was refreshing to listen to Mckee, Gaffney, Hart , and Garcia and a few others covering the latest PBR event. It has already long been established that there is camaraderie, good --will, support for one another among the riders.  But finding that niche between 'good friends' and 'competitor's (the announcers and the riders) hasn't always been easy.

I think that this new way of broadcasting ranks up there with the sports announcers in other venues, and on major broadcast stations. People want facts, not opinions; they want information, not just trivial comments, snide remarks, or put-downs. While we have been saturated with riders like J.B. Mauney, Austin Meir, and the few others in the top ten in the world standings; it is not the cowboy's fault that a large amount of time centers on them. Blame that on the announcers, not the riders.

The PBR tends to forget that there are a long list of riders that are never mentioned, interviewed for a profile, or commented on. It is like tunnel vision. They overlook not only the other riders, but also the bulls. In horse racing each horse is covered and we are given pre-race interviews and statistics and such, as in many other sports. No so with the PBR. They can't seem to understand that there are 90% more riders and bulls they never mention. Each bull has an owner, each rider has a family, be it parents, spouses, kids and just simple fans.

Yes it gets tedious to constantly hear about J.B. Mauney and Travis Briscoe and the few others that are caught like deer in headlights and are thrown into the limelight. But there again, it is not their fault. Blame the PBR; the announcers, statisticians and the likes for dwelling on the same people over and over.
I am glad to see that Leah has finally gotten a bit of lee-way with the questions she can ask.  She looks more relaxed and has gotten some good interviews.
I wish someone would tell me where the 500.00 goes if a cowboy loses a replay challenge. And why do they have to pay if they challenge a ruling and lose? Now the PBR has further discouraged this by also using the seconds the rider actually rode to place him in a different position in the draft. Why doesn't the PBR have to reimburse the riders if the ruling goes in favor of the cowboy? Heck, why is there even a penalty for a challenge at all?
Sometimes I get the impression that the riders have things they really can't say, and can't react a certain way. Zack Brown had no comment for Justin McKee when they wanted to interview him after a ride. He simply had nothing to say. Jody Newberry was accused of cheating so many times that yes, he finally left the PBR. In a recent interview he said he had modified his rope so it was IMPOSSIBLE for him to catch a spur and he was still disqualified for 'cheating'.
He was angry at being falsely accused, as he had a right to be.
The cameras following the riders as they head out of the arena is aggravating also. They will run if need be to keep up and chase the riders until the riders can find a place to which they can escape. To earn and use the phrase: Professional Bull Riders, one must act in a professional manner and that starts at the top, goes to the announcers and then to the riders.      Another thing is consistency. Adding new events and challenges is fine, but the PBR seems to be like a child with too much time on it's hands and too many 'toys' to via for their attention that they end up going from one toy to the next; sort of scatter-brained.

To reiterate: what happened to the bounty bull? What happened to the fan winning or losing in the Enterprise Ride With the Best? Do they even do the Enterprise Ride with the Best anymore? There have been a lot of things that the PBR has changed. It's like one season they do certain things and the next, they are gone. Or maybe after a few events they decide to change things and drop what they were doing and go in an entirely different direction.

The Professional Bull Riders is by far, not the only bull riding competition. Google and you will find several that are regular events and  world bull riding organizations. The PBR  is  looking to be the best. But  they certainly aren't the only one.
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