PHOTOS: Best Bay to Breakers 2013 costumes
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PHOTOS: Monkeyshines, madness and costumes at San Francisco's Bay to Breakers race

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Blog Photo - PHOTOS: Best Bay to Breakers 2013 costumesWhen it comes to running a 12K footrace with outlandish costumes and oceans of booze at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning, San Francisco doesn't monkey around. The Bay to Breakers held its 102nd annual running on Sunday, with more than 30,000 ridiculously costumed revelers -- and about a half dozen elite runners actually trying to win the race. If you're not familiar with Bay to Breakers, it's a 7.46-mile run best known for its elaborate costumes, shameless consumption of alcohol and inordinately high percentage of participants who run stark naked through the entire race with their privates flopping about conspicuously.

Blog Photo - PHOTOS: Best Bay to Breakers 2013 costumesWe're not going to post any of those stark naked runners in our Bay to Breakers 2013 pictures, because the vast majority of these naked runners are male, out of shape, and about as old as your granddad. These images would be Not Safe For Work, and even less safe for keeping your lunch down.  (If you absolutely must see naked Bay to Breakers runners, there are plenty of NSFW pictures out there). Instead, we're going to focus on the people who were wearing clothing -- in some cases very enviable clothing, like those full-length human size Pabst Blue Ribbon can outfits seen to the left.

Blog Photo - PHOTOS: Best Bay to Breakers 2013 costumesIn the aftermath of the tragic Boston Marathon bombings, this year's Bay to Breakers had no choice but to ban backpacks at Bay to Breakers in the interest of public safety. This decision made it tough for runners who intended to throw a box of Franzia in their backpack and just sip from it for the whole 12K run. This guy managed to bring his Franzia, though -- by dressing up as a box of Franzia as his his lovely female companion has gone as a chunk of Kraft Velveeta cheese. I have never tried pairing Franzia white wine with Velveeta cheese, but these two look happy enough together. I just wonder how many people grabbed that guy and tried to drain him over the course of the race.

Blog Photo - PHOTOS: Best Bay to Breakers 2013 costumesThe Elvis thing is really getting to be a thing at Bay to Breakers. It started as just a dozen or so Elvii back in the 1980s, but has expanded like an Elvis Presley waistline into one of the most popular recurring costumes in the race. Here we have a whole family of Elvises, including Mom Elvis, Dad Elvis and little baby Elvis snoozing away in the shady confines of his stroller.

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