Pablo Sandoval drops 42 pounds, could get extension soon

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If you have ever wondered how San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval picked up the nickname "Kung Fu Panda," the answer is fairly simple. Sandoval is a chubby, bearish looking guy (he basically just looks like a cartoon bear), but also displays some impressive athleticism, a la Po, the main character in the movie Kung Fu Panda.

Blog Photo - Pablo Sandoval drops 42 pounds, could get extension soonIn 2014, however, the MLB community may need to come up with a new name for Sandoval, who recently told Rafael Rojas of that he has dropped quite a bit of weight as of late. "The Biggest Loser, #SFGiants edition:" Rojas said via twitter. "Pablo Sandoval has said he's dropped 42 pounds this winter due to offseason training." That's a pretty sizable chunk of weight. With Sandoval listed at 240 pounds, Rojas' report suggests that Sandoval is down to a trimmed 198. It is a bit hard to believe, however, that Sandoval was truly only 240 pounds when ballooned up like... a panda bear.

Sandoval has done this once before, during the 2011 season, when he claimed to have dropped 38 pounds. He has gained just about all of that weight back, however, so another weight loss routine was in order.

Part of Sandoval's inspiration to drop the weight was surely due to the fact that he is entering a contract year. Sandoval signed a three-year deal prior to the 2012 season for about $20 million, but that contract will conclude at the end of 2014. Giants general manager Brian Sabean said back in December that the team would consider extending Sandoval if he showed up to spring training in shape, and it appears that the slugger has done all he can to pull through on his side of the deal. It will be interesting to see whether Sabean stays true to his word and begins negotiations with Sandoval once spring training begins.

Something worth noting, however, is that Sabean may find it discouraging that Sandoval only seems to lose weight when a new contract is on the line. It is clear that Sandoval is more effective when his weight is under control, so Sabean and the front office may want to make sure that Sandoval is ready to keep his weight down before shelling out big bucks to keep him in San Francisco.
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