Pacers sign Andrew Bynum

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Blog Photo - Pacers sign Andrew BynumMuch maligned center Andrew Bynum has found a new home, and in a surprise, it's the Indiana Pacers. Bynum has been unemployed for about a month since being traded by the Cavs to Chicago, who immediately cut him. He had played 24 ineffective games in Cleveland, alienating the organization to him, a year after missing all of the 2012-13 season with injuries in Philadelphia.

On the surface, this seems like a weird pick-up for the Pacers. They already have Defensive Player of the Year candidate Roy Hibbert at center, and he's backed up by the solid Ian Mahinmi. Bynum is certainly more talented than Mahinmi, but the latter doesn't have Bynum's injury and attitude concerns. There's also the risk that Bynum will throw a monkey wrench into the Pacers locker room. However, as shown by how they built the current team, the Pacers brass is smart, and presumably have a good reason for signing Bynum. It may be as simple as keeping him away from Miami, leaving them one less option for dealing with Hibbert in their inevitable Eastern Conference Finals showdown.

It sucks that Bynum has been rewarded for his behavior with a title shot, but such is the business.
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The only reason that the Pacers would even consider signing him (and ended up signing him) is to keep him away from the Heat. I am a Pacers fan and I hate this move. Even keeping him away from the Heat isn't quite enough for me to be on board with it, but I guess we will see how it turns out.