Packersí Greg Jennings to undergo surgery for abdominal injury

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Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings will be going in for surgery on Tuesday to repair a torn abdominal muscle due to which he’s been limited in the field throughout the season.
The 22-year-old Greg Jennings has been injured since the Green Bay Packers’ 9th September season opener against the San Francisco 49ers. Greg Jennings took a major hit in the final minutes of the game and was still feeling sore when he remained sidelined against the Chicago Bears next week. The two-time Pro-Bowler Greg Jennings briefly returned during the season with a 24th September appearance against the Seattle Seahawks, but the injury worsened by the 30th September game against the New Orleans Saints.
The last straw fell in last weekend’s game against the St. Louis Rams when Greg Jennings was leaving the field and felt his groin muscles tighten up.
Greg Jennings claimed he had been improvising on conditioning and to strengthening to heal the injury to retain his former shape but after last week’s injury, he knew rehab just wasn’t going to cut anymore.
"The trainers have done a great job in the rehabilitation stages to get me to where I am right now," stated Greg Jennings. "But now we have to take it a step further."
So, Greg Jennings took off for Philadelphia on Wednesday to meet an abdominal and groin injury specialist, Dr. Williams Meyers, who provided him with two alternative treatments. The first one included a simple injection while the second option was surgery.
However, Greg Jennings claimed there was “no guarantee” with the injection, since the doctor told him in could take a few days for the results to manifest more clearly.
“The injection would've masked most of the pain…but I could go out there and hit that last gear,” said Greg Jennings.
So, in this scenario, Greg Jennings considered the surgery a reliable procedure with long-lasting results. Moreover, it would save him the time wasted on rehabbing from an injection that “may or may not work.”
“I could have spent the week rehabbing on a surgery that's going to get me back perfect."
 Greg Jennings was a good-sport about the whole issue and even joked that he’d be back in the locker room by Wednesday and “"you guys will never know."
The injury comes at a bad timing for Greg Jennings, who is playing through his last year of contract with the Green Bay Packers.
Greg Jennings ranks seventh in franchise history with 401 receptions and had three solid 100-yards plus seasons in three of the past four years with the franchise. However, the Green Bay Packers are deep in receivers and Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb as well as James Jones seem to have everything under-control in Greg Jennings’ absence.
Jordy Nelson scored on three-touchdown passes against the Houston Texans and posted 100-yards in the past consecutive games. After posting his first 100-yards receiving game against the Houston Texans, Randall Cobb too scored a few touchdowns against the St. Louis Rams. And Jordy Jones is tied for eth franchise record after making two touchdown receptions in three consecutive games.
 Moreover, in light of Aaron Rodgers, Clay Mathews and B.J. RAji’s pending extensions, the Green Bay Packers are unlikely to resign Greg Jennings.
Greg Jennings provided no timetable for his return, but league sources claim it could take upto three weeks.
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