Packers WR Randall Cobb remains day-to-day

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsSecond year pro Randall Cob participated on limited basis on Thursday and will undergo further testing of his ankle on Friday ahead of Green bay Packers’ season finale against the Minnesota Vikings. There’s yet no guarantee if Randall Cob will participate in Sunday’s game although that remains “a possibility.”
"We’re going to take it day by day and see where we’re at on Sunday," said Randall Cobb on Thursday. "We’ll test it tomorrow and see how much progression I’ve made over the past few days and we’ll see where we’re at on Sunday.”
An MRI scan revealed that Randall Cobb had sustained both ankle and knee damage, although not as serious as initially speculated.
"You definitely have concerns when you’re dealing with an ankle or a knee… At any given time your career could end. I had flashes mine was over on just that play Sunday, because I didn’t know the severity of it," said Randall Cobb, "But you have to go out there and test and let your body go and let your mind go and see where you’re at."
The Green Bay Packers’ double-threat on the receiving corps and special team, Randall Cobb exited in the game after injuring his ankle on a punt return in the third-quarter of last Sunday’s 55-7 win over the Tennessee Titans. Although at the time Randall Cobb himself was concerned about the severity of the injury and whether it would end his season ahead of the playoffs, the 22-year-old’s decision to exit early was partially due to a pair of anxious eyes watching him from the stands on Sunday.
“I jogged off the field because my mom was there,” said Randall Cobb. “My mom, I know she was crazy in the stands. That’s the only reason I jogged off the field.
However, Randall Cobb’s ankle injury sparks an old debate on whether the Green Bay Packers should continue using the dynamic kick and punt returner on the special teams, especially after establishing himself as quarterback Aaron Rogers’ prime target this season.
"You can’t go out there and play scared,” said Randall Cobb. “You have to go out there and play ball regardless of what play it is, special teams, offense or defense.”
"I love football, I love being on the field. If I wasn’t on returns it would take away from who I am and what I do,” added Randall Cobb. “Obviously, hopefully, at some point it would happen, it would change, but right now we’re worrying about the season and what would be the best option to get us to the Super Bowl.”
Randall Cobb leads the Green Bay Packers with 80 receptions for 954 yards, and ranks No.2 in the team with eight touchdowns. He’s been unquestionably phenomenal for the Green Bay Packers this season, but the bigger question is can Randall Cobb play at the same level into the post season on that knee?
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