Packers defensive woes and McCarthy confused

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsOver the course of the last five days the Green Bay Packers defence has proven itself to be ineffective and incapable of repairing its faults within. They have scored a total of 1,008 yards from 159 plays. Although the Packers have been giving hints that they know what the problems are and they are working on them, the truth is that they cannot pinpoint what is going wrong and are helpless against the dilemma brewing in its defence.
Everyone can easily see that they are not covering the ever present gaps, are not landing their tackles and their coverage is not working. That much can be easily seen and be worked on. But the problem goes deeper and that is hard to assess. They blamed their woes on missing starting players and that did seem to be an issue. But even after they have recovered 3 of their starters they lost to the Detroit Lions 40-10 at Ford Field at Thanksgiving. The problem is still out there and the team has no idea how to tackle this one.
Packers linebacker Brad Jones said that he wasn’t sure where the problem originated.
"I'm not exactly sure what is wrong I'm not trying to act or something. I'm just not sure. We have great players. We have a great scheme,” he said. “For us to be up and down does not make sense to me. It was embarrassing. This is the worst game I've been a part of."
Turning turnovers into points remained a concern as the Packers failed in that place. Although they are still missing quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the problem cannot be solved by just one players. The Packers defence failed to take advantage of turnovers and score point n them. Although they did manage to get four turnovers, they weren’t able to score points off them.
Guard Josh Sitton said that turnovers and point conversion remained a problem.
"They got four turnovers and we didn't do anything with it. We had six or seven three-and-outs. Whenever we can't move the ball, they're going to be more tired,” he said. “This game works hand in hand, offense and defense. You have to play as a team and we didn't do that."
In the past four games, there have been three teams who have rushed over 200 yards against the Packers. This all puts the coaching staff under scrutiny and head coach Mike McCarthy said that he was working on the issue.
"We can talk about scheme,” McCarthy said. “I'll go back to our conversations with our football team, but you try to learn from your experiences of the past. Scheme is not a crutch.”
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