Packers make miracle comeback against Cowboys to keep playoff hopes alive

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Blog Photo - Packers make miracle comeback against Cowboys to keep playoff hopes aliveIt was 26-3 at the half, then 29-10 in the third quarter, and I was angry. Maybe it was because it was the Cowboys. Maybe it was because Joe Buck and Troy Aikman annoy the crap out of me. Maybe it was because I was on my fifth beer of the day. It was probably a combination of all three, but I was mad, and because I don't learn, I was lashing out on the Internet and making an idiot of myself. In hindsight, it's even more infuriating given how I've just to emotionally divest myself from this game in recent years. Today I learned the one emotion it can still make me is angry. It's not pretty, but that's how I was as I believed my team's season was going down the drain.

However, the Packers wouldn't die. In their first five second half possessions, they scored touchdowns in all five. Meanwhile, the Cowboys seemed to forget that they had torched the Packers on the ground in the first half, completely abandoning the run in the second half. Suddenly a James Starks touchdown made it only 29-24 Dallas early in the fourth. The next possession, it looked like Tony Romo had thrown an interception, but review reversed it. A few minutes later Dez Bryant made an amazing grab for a touchdown. The Cowboys were back up 12, and I was hot under the collar again.

The Packers still wouldn't die though, marching down the field to score again and make it 36-31, and despite my pessimism, Tony Romo then turned into Tony Romo.

The narrative on Romo is 4th quarter choker. Statistically it looks overblown, but narratives don't care about stats, and in fact aggressively pooh pooh them. It's getting harder and harder to defend Romo, especially after what transpired this evening. Under three minutes left and in theory trying to run out the clock, the Cowboys still kept calling passes. That's not on the coaches. What's not on the coaches is the interception Romo threw to Sam Shields at the Dallas 45. It was a great play by Shields, but no matter.

The Packers up the field yet again to score the go-ahead touchdown with 1:31 to go. I thought the Packers had scored too soon and left too much time. I forgot who we were dealing with. On the second play of the last gasp drive, Romo was intercepted again, this time by Tramon Williams. Once again, it was a nice play by Williams (one the refs somehow initially didn't realize was a catch), but again, it's Tony Romo throwing interceptions in the fourth quarter in a Cowboys loss. That's the narrative, and that's what we'll latch on.

For the Cowboys, this was a team wide meltdown that could very well keep them out of the playoffs. On a day where the Eagles lost to Minnesota, they couldn't take advantage, and thus they stay a game behind in the NFC East. The Packers, meanwhile, move to 7-6-1, and if they win their final two games against Pittsburgh and Chicago (the other two teams I incredibly despise, joy), they would likely win the NFC North, and that's with the possibility still of Aaron Rodgers coming back.

It seems to be whenever I get my most pessimistic and angry about football is when things work out. It makes me look like a jackass, but oh well. I figure most reading think that about me regardless. I'll take it, because hey, my team still has something to play for.
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