Packers make solidifying their offensive a priority

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsGreen Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy still didn’t consider bringing in Matt Flynn as a replacement quarterback permanently as his first choice starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers is still out of the game for the fourth time, still recovering from his fractured collarbone.
And his chances of coming back soon anytime aren’t good either. McCarthy put his chances of playing the game against the Detroit Lions to almost nothing. With him out for a while, McCarthy faces a quarterback crisis and will have to do something about it fast.
For now, Flynn seems to be the quarterback that McCarthy will have to do with. In the game against the Minnesota Vikings, Flynn added 19 points during the overtime when he was brought in to substitute Scott Tolzien. Still, McCarthy seemed unsure if Flynn was the best choice that he had to bring to the table. When asked, he dodged the question and instead said that he was busy preparing Matt Flynn and hoped he would fare better in the coming games.
“Matt played very well. He deserves to start. I like the way Scott has grown,” McCarthy said. “So those are the things we’re talking about. So we’re going to do the best we can to make sure they’re both ready.”
McCarthy is smart enough not to rush recently recovered players back on the field as sit has proven to be the worst thing to do this season. Without prior analysis and testing during practice, the extent of recovery cannot be seen properly and most players end up getting injured again.
The coach said that he wouldn’t be rushing Rodgers back to the field until he had practiced at least once. After Thursday the Packers won’t be playing another match for 10 days. Even then McCarthy did not specify if that time would be enough for the fractured collarbone to heal, for Rodgers to prove himself and return on field and be ready to face the Atlanta Falcons.
“There’s some physical rehab hurdles to get through that he hasn’t reached yet,” McCarthy said. “Like I said, it would be a huge stretch for him to play in this game.”
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