Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ injury status still a mystery

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Green Bay Packers have been plagued with injuries the entire season and when their starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers got injured, they knew they were in trouble. The Packers already had to do with backups to cover their positions and losing Rodgers only intensified the problem.
After sustaining a fractured collarbone, Rodgers status till now remains a mystery. The Packers are scheduled to face the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday and the team yet has to confirm whether Rodgers will be up for the match or will be sidelined for the remaining season to ensure that the injury gets time to heal and there will not be any risk of aggravating the injury.
Rodgers injury has been analysed by team doctors and physicians who have forwarded their finding to the franchise. It will be up to the coaching staff to decide whether they want Rodgers to play the concluding games of the NFL 2013 regular season or they want to keep him safe for the remaining time. But Rodgers himself has stated that he will be returning and will be present to play the match against the Atlanta Falcons.
If there is one thing certain it is that winning a game without their starting quarterback Rodgers will be a far cry. Rodgers has been more than a key player for the Packers and so far they have failed to find a replacement for him or to make the existing ones work. It might seem like exaggeration, but truth is in the stats and since Rodgers has been on the injured reserve, the Packers have been failing spectacularly.
Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is still going old school with his next man up scheme, even though its effectiveness is questionable.
“The fact of the matter is we have 61 players in our building, we have a coaching staff and when your rallying cry is ‘next man up’ and everything is going well,” McCarthy said “and you’re able to overcome injuries throughout the early part of the year, everybody’s high fiving.”
“And then when you don’t, now you’re going to sit here and cry a different tune. That’s not the way it works.”
The next man up scheme becomes invalid when valuable assets to the team are injured. They cannot be replaced properly and many plays are made to their comfort. Guard Josh Sitton said that Rodgers was one of them and they needed him back to get in the swing of things.
“It definitely made things a lot more difficult without Aaron. I think we all know that. There’s no denying that. You can’t say, ‘Hey, we can go and play just as good without Aaron.’” he said.” “We haven’t won a game without him in five weeks. He’s the best player on this team. Yeah we need him.” 
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