Packers vs. Giants: A Potential Playoff Preview

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The toughest competition that the Packers might face is their face-off against the New York Giants. Sunday might very well be a preview of what is to come in the playoffs. The New York Giants have a reputation of streak killers because they have done it to the Patriots twice and ended a 13-0 run of the Broncos in 1998. With the Packers 11-0 for the season, this might very well be the defining moment of this year’s championship.

The Giants have a solid and tough defense revolving around Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck. Umenyiora won’t feature in this match due to injury but the Giants have more than enough firepower in their team to take the Packers down.

The Giants have been in scintillating form since the start of the season but still have their end season woes and have a tough schedule ahead of them but I still believe that they can reach the playoffs if not by clinching the playoff spot then by the wildcard entry.

The Giants have the Cowboys standing in their way of a playoff place. If they don’t make it to the playoff spot, they will have to fight for the wildcard spot with most probably the Detroit Lions, Falcons and the Bears. All three of the teams are suffering some way or the other; the Bears have Jay Cutler out with injury, Chicago is struggling towards the end of the season and the Lions have been 2-4 in their last 6 games and now have their star defender Ndamukong Suh is suspended for two games now. The Giants and the Cowboys are neck and neck and even if they miss out, they will most probably be able to sneak in as the 5th or 6th seed. They have been consistently good at that.

The Giants are built on a solid defensive foundation, something that they take immense pride in. With the onset of winters, the offensive sides of team will no doubt slow down and this gives the Giants the advantage because of their ability to close out defensive minded low scoring games.

Both the Packers and the Giants have excellent quarterbacks in Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning. Aaron Rodgers is a slave to no introduction; he has been a phenomenal figure for the Packers and has been playing on a different level altogether. Eli Manning however does not have that stellar stats precede him but he has a solid season and has been a vital part of the Giants campaign. Several teams in the NFC have problems with their quarterbacks; Bears have Cutler out with an injury and etc. This gives both the Packers and the Giants an advantage over the rest.

The division that Giants are in; the NFC East, has turned out to be a two horse race between the Cowboys and the Giants since the Redskins and the Eagles are both out of the playoff race. The one game deficit over the Cowboys is easily overturn-able.

Both teams have previously faced off in the NFC Championship Game and have had great success in the playoffs of late. They have consistently reached the playoffs and when they do get there, they have a habit of succeeding. If the Giants are successful in digging deep and pulling themselves out of this rut, then they have a realistic chance of meeting the Packers in the playoff match or even in the Super Bowl.

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