Pam Ward Annoyed By Injured Player On The Field

Sorry To Annoy You With This Injury, Pam Ward. We'll Try To Get Him Off The Field ASAP, Just For You.

12/29/09 in NCAAF   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Pam Ward has always been one of the worst announcers in college football. She's awful. But now, it seems that she's a cruel, heartless shrew, as well. The goodness starts at the 0:25 mark in the video, when Pam starts complaining about the injured player off the field, and provides gems like "come on, get him off the field". Obviously she thought that they had cut away to the studio. Stay classy, Pam.

Could Someone Get This Silly Hurt Player Off The Field For Pammy....NOW! [Awful Announcing]
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12/29/09   |   derekperry

i never really enjoyed pam too much but i do enjoy doris burke's color commentary on the basketball games. she reminds me of a slightly less enthused dick vitale.

12/29/09   |   radiowave000   |   145 respect

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Sure she's terrible..but ESPN wants us all to look past that at how "enlightened" they are to have a woman announcing...sheez
Political Correctness needs to be repealed.

12/29/09   |   jswol54   |   20819 respect

She did make me laugh the other day...she said something along the lines of "They're out there flopping like Duke basketball players."

So true...

12/29/09   |   BluDevil   |   618 respect

The_Real_Stoney wrote:
I get that way when I'm craving vagina too


12/29/09   |   zzj000   |   388 respect

I agree. She is AWFUL. And its a travesty in our society today that we, the fans, have to tolerate her and others like her that are "given" a microphone for the sake of employement equality. Unfortunately, ESPN does not have a monopoly on that injustice. The ONLY female sportscaster I can honestly enjoy listening to, and can bring actual insight to the broadcast, is Nancy Lieberman.... PERIOD.

12/29/09   |   The_Real_Stoney   |   25696 respect

I get that way when I'm craving vagina too

12/29/09   |   sportsgnork   |   44 respect

Dino Costa on Mad Dog Radio, ripped her a new one.  He stated that he didn't want a woman calling or reffing his sports.  He got some pretty amazing responses to that statement.  He hates Pam Ward. 

12/29/09   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Oh just get her in some gear, put her in a "pammy uni" and put her out there to experience ONE tackle personally.  That should shut her whiney yap trap.

12/29/09   |   Captain_Chaos   |   287 respect

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its times like that that you wish Terry Tate Office Linebacker would spear her

12/29/09   |   elevenbravo138again   |   1163 respect

And that's why the Awards for Awful Announcing are called the PammysA Winner 

12/29/09   |   mk_donley   |   2554 respect

"Pam Ward has always been one of the worst announcers in college football".

Joe Buck, and Chip Caray, agrees with that comment.