Panthers Tim Thomas talks about striking Bruins Carl Soderberg

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Jan 24, 2014; Sunrise, FL, USA;  Florida Panthers goalie Tim Thomas (34) makes a save against the Colorado Avalanche in the third period at BB&T Center. The Avalanche won 3-2. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY SportsIt was speculated that such an incident would happen in which ex Boston Bruins Tim Thomas would lose it. And it did happen. With just 3.2 seconds left for the game to end, the cheers that fans had been rooting for Florida Panthers Tim Thomas turned suddenly into loud boos when Bruins Carl Soderberg spotted a rebound and Thomas ended up striking Soderberg with his hockey stick. 
Thomas said that it was not really his fault and such things happen in a game which is physically competitive and with such little time left on the clock to go, it was obvious that the game couldn’t stop.
“Nobody was really running into me, until the end there. Soderberg, the play before that, he did a pretty hard jap and then all a sudden the pucks up in the air, you’re catching it and his stick is in my throat,” Thomas said. “With less than a minute left in the game and they’re up by four goals, 6-2, I took exception to that. But other than that, I didn’t notice. That’s the way the game is played nowadays. Guys are in and around the crease.”
Thomas earned a penalty for high-sticking on the play and very well could earn a call from the league. After the game, Soderberg said he was hit in the side of the helmet and is “fine.”
For the foul play Thomas was fined a penalty under high sticking and that may not be the end of it. Usually such foul plays get the attention of the league and this could mean he might get fined by the league as well. Soderberg on the other hand in sportsmanship said that the hit was only on the head and the helmet protected him. Soderberg confirmed that he felt fine and nothing was wrong. Beat that you soccer playing pansies.
“He was the one that did it, you should ask him. I was just going for the rebound,” Soderberg said. “We can’t stop play because there is 30 seconds left, we have to try to score the whole game.”
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