Paralympian Amy Purdy continues to amaze
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Move over Danica, Amy Purdy visits NASCAR

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Blog Photo - Paralympian Amy Purdy continues to amazeBefore this month's Paralympics you might not have heard the name Amy Purdy.  If you don't follow Olympic or Paralympic sports, you still might not have heard of her.  If you watch TV at all, and like reality stores such as Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Voice and Dancing With the Stars, you surely know her name.  In fact, you might even recognize her from three years ago, when she competed on The Amazing Race.  

And if you follow NASCAR, you will have heard her name yesterday.

Amy Purdy is a snowboarder who competed in the 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia for the US.  Immediately after winning the Bronze Medal in Para Snowboard Cross, Amy hopped on a plane back to the States and competed with partner, Derek Hough, on the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars.  

With two prosthetic legs, Amy wowed the crowd on hand in the studio (far more than new co-host, Erin Andrews did - who was the wizard who thought she'd fit in?) and gained the admiration and respect of fans across the world. 

Then, in the middle of rehearsing for the coming week's show, she again changed things up and visited with Kyle Busch's Nationwide team yesterday, as a VIP guest.

Asked what she thought of the experience, Amy claimed she got chills when the cars started up.  Asked further if she'd consider driving a car, she claimed,
"Absolutely! I would jump in one of these in a heartbeat. It'd be a blast.​"

For now, she'll go back to the dance floor, but look out Danica Patrick, there could be a new kid on the block.  
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3/23/14   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

JenX63 wrote:
I watched the replay of her dance. Considering she can't feel her "feet" she was pretty amazing.

I agree! The only disappointing part was Len reminding everyone that they have to score her the same as everyone else.  She will not be able to point her toes.  Len is so fricking anal about that I can see him marking her really low.  In my opinion, if she is able to perform the steps as well as everyone else, regardless of pointy toes, she should be marked for the positives.

3/23/14   |   JenX63   |   32904 respect

I watched the replay of her dance. Considering she can't feel her "feet" she was pretty amazing.