Paraplegic skier Josh Dueck performs a backflip
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Paraplegic skier defies the odds, does a backflip

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Fast forward to the 2 minute mark, and watch Josh Dueck nail a backflip on a sit-ski. He became paralyzed back in 2004 in a skiing accident, but he hasn't let that slow him down at all.


He performed the flip at in British Columbia, Canada, 8 years after breaking his back and suffering paralysis while attempting a front flip.


From what he says, he actually enjoys it even more, now that he uses a sit-ski.


"The sensations that I get from movement in my freedom chair are so much greater than any of the sensations I had a an able-bodied skier. It's so much more liberating and freeing."


It's an amazing feat, and it's an inspirational story.

Josh Dueck becomes first paraplegic skier to complete a back flip [GrindTV]
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