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Parrot Cheers On Favorite Rugby Team

10/18/07 in Rugby Union   |   Jon   |   5 respect

In addition to a large wheel of cheddar cheese, England will have another famous fan cheering them on in the Rugby World Cup final against South Africa on Saturday.

Parrot Severiano Ballesteros is a Gloucester supporter, chanting "Gloucester, Gloucester" while watching matches on the telly, but his owners are trying to get him to follow England's matches as well.

According to co-owner Jean Howell, "Seve watched England win last Saturday and he loved it - when I start cheering he gets really excited and sometimes he even asks if I want a beer."

Taffy Howell, Jean's husband said:  ''He talks, he swears at the ref, and he says Glawsterrr, which sounds like Gloucester with an accent. He's not the prettiest bird but he's a lot of fun.''


Taffy went on to say the same thing about his wife.

Parrot with Gloucs Accent (The Sun) - with video of the parrot

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