Paterno Family-Please Stop Defending JoePa
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Its Enough Already-Paterno Family Please Stop Defending JoePa

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Jan 22, 2012; State College, PA, USA; The statue of Joe Paterno former head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions outside Beaver Stadium.Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIREJerry Sandusky is a convicted child molester. He was convicted on 45 counts of child molestation. The Freeh report outlined in explicit detail that not only Coach Paterno, but the top administration at Penn State University knew that something awful was occurring with Jerry Sandusky and none of them, including Coach Paterno, did anything to stop Sandusky, at any point in time. Period.

Penn State's administration will be tried and the school has just been handed down an incredibly severe penalty including financial sanctions, vacation of wins dating back to 1998, no postseason games for 4 years and a reduction in scholarships for years. Penn State cannot and will not argue with the sanctions that have been handed to them. They can't. The horrific events of their Coach and Administration have no defense. So why does the Paterno family continue to speak?

Joe Paterno is a legend in Happy Valley, the Big Ten and across the country as a great football coach. And he will be remembered for that. But, he will also be remembered as the Coach that looked the other way as children were being abused. There is no getting around that. The problem is, the facts have come out and Coach Paterno , according to the Freeh report, had knowledge and did nothing with it. He turned his head to avoid bad publicity to his team, his program and his University. Coach Paterno died in January. Likely of a broken heart. He could no longer coach, his status as a great man no longer assured, his legacy clearly destroyed. And it seemed as though he could not fathom the understanding of what all the fuss was about or why everyone was so angry.

But now, I cannot understand why his family continues to defend Coach Paterno. The man died. One person cannot speak for another person. I know they are trying to justify his actions, make the public understand that Coach Paterno did not have the information that the Freeh report outlines, but stop. Please. His spouse, his children, they don't and couldn't possibly know everything Coach Paterno knew. By continuing to speak on his behalf and defend him, I am getting angry. The Coach looked the other way. That is indefensible. Stop defending his legacy. He will be remembered for being a great coach, eventually. Right now, this tragedy is too close and too stained by all of the bystanders for anything to be viewed in any light. Please stop talking Paterno family. Stop talking for Coach Paterno, for the University and for yourselves. It is enough.
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