Paterno’s right-hand man and child sex abuser Sandusky to appeal again

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Blog Photo - Paterno’s right-hand man and child sex abuser Sandusky to appeal again

Jerry Sandusky, the former Pennsylvania State University assistant football coach, has filed in papers which ask the state appeals court to review his case. In June last year, Sandusky was found guilty of sexual abuse on young boys. Consequently, he was sentenced to 30 years to 60 years of imprisonment.
Now, the attorneys of defamed football coach have notified his trial judge that Jerry Sandusky wants a state appeals court to reverse the charges on him. Jerry Sandusky, who spent most of his career as an assistant under Penn State’s head coach Joe Paterno, filed in the appeal notices on Thursday.
Sandusky went down along with Paterno in one of the most infamous cases of child sex abuse scandal last year. Paterno passed away in January last year, but that hasn’t affected Jerry Sandusky desire to get his convictions overturned.
According to reports, Sandusky wants the state Superior Court to review his convictions which include 45 cases of child molestation. Sandusky’s attorneys have filed in the appeal at the Centre County Courthouse in Bellefonte, which is the same place where his three-week trial took place last summer.
Just last month, Judge John M. Cleland shot down Sandusky’s hopes re-opening his trial. Judge Cleland rejected Sandusky’s post-sentencing motions and hearsay testimony. Sandusky’s attorneys refused to shed more light on the issue, but they confirmed their intentions of raising an appeal remained strong.
The lead appellate counsel Norris Gelman has announced that he is going to make the same arguments Judge Cleland rejected on January 31.
“The publicity has been bad,” Gelman said. “All we can do is hope that it will not affect or infect the judges of the Superior Court.”
Gelman believes the next step in this saga will be Cleland demanding Sandusky’s lawyers to file down their intended claims. After the claims have been documented, Cleland will forward his take on the case and ask the Superior Court to step in.
After all of this has been completed, Gelman will have approximately two to three month to present a brief form of their case to the appeals court. The attorney general’s office haven’t commented on this saga, but they are expected to come up with statements soon enough. 
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