Patrick Chung is back “home” with the New England Patriots

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Blog Photo - ​Patrick Chung is back “home” with the New England Patriots Patrick Chung is back in Foxboro. The safety signed, who signed in for the New England Patriots on Thursday, claims he couldn’t be happier to be “home” once again. It was a move that many didn’t expect to happen, but for Chung it was fate and a move destined to happen.
In an interview released on the Patriots’ official website Chung said he was “glad to be back”. Explaining his return, after a brief stint with the Philadelphia Eagles last year, Chung said that he always felt like he was part of the family in Boston. The 26-year-old explained that he had a deep understanding with the coaches and simply loved the fans.
Chung admits he was unable to settle down with the Eagles and he didn’t have reasons to support his turbulent spell. Chung claims he felt being better fit to the Patriots’ system than the Eagles, although his former team had a great team and coaches.
“You know, Philly is a great city, there are a lot of great people there; great locker room, great coaches,” Chung said. “But I feel now that this has happened, I feel like it’s a better fit here. I’ve been here for four years. I know the system, I know the coaches. The coaches are cool. I know most of the players. All locker rooms change but I know most of the players. This is a good environment.
“I’ve been here for a while so I feel like part of me is home. I’m always going to come back here regardless. I always came back here to help the city regardless of where I was. Now I’m back in the city that gave me my very first chance, my very first opportunity, so I feel like its home.”
Chung further said that he didn’t feel any different from the player he used to be for the Patriots. Chung said that he believed he would fit in the Patriots’ scheme better than before now and that he was ready to play whatever role he was given in the team.
Chung also admitted he had no idea he would return to the Patriots once he got released from the Eagles. The safety claims everything went down very quickly. Chung said that he had in mind that he needed to keep working hard and be prepared when opportunity comes knocking on the door.
“It was very, very, very easy decision,” Chung said of Patriots’ offer to return and play for them. Chung said that he was looking forward to the season and being a part of Patriots’ success in the future. 
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