Patriots Cut Tim Tebow

Unsurprisingly, the Patriots Cut Tim Tebow

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Aug 29, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow (5) exits the field after the game against the New York Giants at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots defeated the Giants 28-20. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY SportsTo the shock of no one, the New England Patriots cut quarterback Tim Tebow.

I should amend that. To the shock of those who want to see Tebow stick in the NFL in some capacity and succeed, he was cut. That contingent consists mostly of the media who use him for webhits and ratings and people who are mistaking his uprightness, piety and likability for the ability to be a quarterback in the NFL. There’s a difference between being an ideal son or son-in-law and being competent enough to play football at the highest level for a team with a Super Bowl or bust mantra.

If the question, “Can he play quarterback in the NFL?” is continually asked, then it’s a pretty good bet that the answer is no. 2013 has been un-Patriot-like. First there was the home playoff loss to the Ravens. Then they were uncharacteristically uninterested in quarterback Tom Brady's feelings when they pushed slot receiver Wes Welker out the door. Owner Bob Kraft joined the fray by calling out his star quarterback for Brady's publicly negative reaction to Welker’s departure. And worst of all, Aaron Hernandez was arrested for murder.  

The football world was surprised when coach Bill Belichick signed Tebow. Did Belichick think along the lines of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels – who drafted Tebow as coach of the Broncos – and believe he could use him as a weapon? It’s possible. More likely he was shrugging his shoulders and saying, “Why not?” Given the turmoil surrounding the franchise and Tebow’s magnetic hold on the public at large, it couldn’t hurt.

The preseason is a time when the games are irrelevant and media-driven stories come to the forefront. Tebow was ideal for that. The regular season is different. Belichick will accept a sideshow if it will help his team. He’s got a celebrity quarterback married to a supermodel. He’s had the likes of Randy Moss and Chad Johnson on his club. Unlike them, Tebow can’t play his position and wasn’t worth keeping around. The cracks in the Patriots’ foundation and, more importantly, their image were spackled over by the presence of Tebow. His glowing halo served as a hypnotic mechanism to camouflage team issues on-field and off. He served his purpose for the Patriots, didn’t show enough as a quarterback for them to consider keeping him around and Belichick cut him. 

Given the state of quarterbacking in certain organizations, someone might give Tebow a chance if not for his ability, but to draw a few more fans. Tebow has to decide whether his desire to play in the NFL is strong enough to agree to switch from quarterback. If he were willing to move to fullback and use his size and arm to be a threat for the option pass, he could be effective. He has yet to do that. 
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