Patriots DE/linebacker Rob Ninkovich observes maturity in Colts QB Andrew Luck

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsIndianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has this season shown much improvement and many have noticed how in the recent games his gameplay has changed for the better. New England Patriots defensive end/linebacker Rob Ninkovich is also one of those people now who thinks Luck isn’t just lucky but is solidifying his feet in his position.
The Colts staged a momentous comeback in their last game and they are going strong in the season with a record of 11-5. The Colts will now face the Patriots and even they are acknowledging that Luck will be a worthy opponent.
Ninkovich said that Luck had drastically improved his game this season and his experience in the game was now paying off.
"I think Luck, this year, I think he's playing with more confidence. Obviously last year being his first year and getting into situations and things that he can kind of control better this year,” he said, “having that experience, just being more confident, that goes a long way as a quarterback, once you've seen everything, been in certain situations.”
He added that the Colts were definitely doing what they could to help Luck give a maximum performance for every game.
“Obviously them giving him a little bit more control with the things he does at the line of scrimmage for things versus what he sees.”
Luck isn’t just a rookie quarterback and his statistics prove that. He has scored a total of 23 touchdowns and has thrown for 3,822 yards. He has only sustained 9 interceptions. All this adds up to the fact that the Patriots will most definitely not be taking him lightly and will not let their guard down even for a second.
Ninkovich said that his position as a linebacker and a defensive lineman was important in containing whatever Luck planned on bringing to the field.
“As a defensive linemen, linebacker, you have to obviously be aware of the things he's trying to check to if he sees a certain thing,” said Ninkovich. “And as a defensive end, you have to be aware if something breaks down, [he can] pull the ball down and try to run for a first down.”
When asked about the loss of starting linebacker Brandon Spike to the injured reserve, Ninkovich said that they had lost many starters this season t injuries and has still managed to march on and would still manage to do so.
“You lose a guy that has some intensity. In situations he comes in, he’s going to play hard,” Ninkovich said. “But again, the way this league works, you just have to deal with those losses.”
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