Patriots QB and Manning have a few things common

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWhen New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was asked following the 26-16 loss to Denver Broncos on Sunday whether the playoff losses get harder to get by as he gets older, he related to them and told how he felt.
He agreed that losing in the playoffs was something that one does not get used to however much they spend time in NFL or get more seasons in their resume. The 2 times that the Patriots made it to the Super Bowls and lost was not an easy thing to get by. Last year they made it to the AFC title game but again lost to the Baltimore Ravens. And now last Sunday they lost to the Broncos against Peyton Manning, which made things harder to get by.
Although Brady is quick to accept that most of the losses are his fault as quarterbacks have a major role in what goes in the field, people hardly perceive him even close to a failure and he is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks in entire NFL history. Yet, it has been a long stretch since the last time he touched a championship trophy with the Patriots name on it.
Brady said that it was a disappointing feeling to have all the potential and game planned ahead with victory so certain and then have it all snatched from under the feet because the performance the team gave was not good enough.
"Anytime you come up short of what you're trying to accomplish, it's not a great feeling," Brady said. "We have a good team. We just didn't play well enough today."
He wasn’t one to go around blaming anyone and actually just criticized himself for not delivering well enough to win the match, saying if he had done better there would certainly be a difference.  
"Anytime we lose there's things I could do better," Brady said. "Certainly there are things I wish I could have done better today."
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