Patriots breaking the tradition with impressive defending

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New England Patriots’ defense is rated as one of the worst in the league. While the Patriots have been able to stop rushing yards, the yardage against them is immense. Quite often it is Patriots’ offensive line that has to cover up for their defensive dilemmas to ensure a victorious night. This is something that both coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady are well aware of.

However, the Patriots have been breaking their tradition to poor defense in recent matches. Even in defeats, Patriots defense has been working hard, unlike in the past. Patriots have recorded astounding success defensively in the red zone. An example of such a performance can be presented from Patriots last match where they defeated their division rivals, the New York Jets by 37-16.

According to analysts Patriots defense has recently been closely monitoring plays that their opponents’ offensive lines have been putting in motion. Patriots have also been sublime about sealing gaps within the 10-yard line.

On the issue Belichick commented, “I think it's been competitive. We gave up a touchdown yesterday on third down that scored by a yard or so. It was close. They scored, but it was close, third down - that was close to being a stop, but it wasn't. We've had some other stops that we've made throughout the year. We've had a couple stops on the one-yard line, going back to the early part of the season, San Diego, Miami, somewhere in there. [We're] always working to get better, but that's something that the coaches and players put a lot of time, a lot of work into. We've had some success and that's certainly helpful.

Belichick explained that once you’ve recorded success in that tight area or near the end zone, the success acts as a catalyst for confidence. Belichick stated that players’ trust in each other increases tenfold and they become more aggressive in their approach.

Belichick said, “Sure, absolutely. There's no better - well, there's a lot of good feelings on defense, but certainly a good one is when they get down there and they don't score and you come off the field and you were able to keep them out of the end zone. The goal line stands or the stops on fourth down in the red area or even holding them to a field goal once they're down there - that's a win for the defense.

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