Patriots getting ready to face Cleveland offensive

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Cleveland Browns do have a special weapon at hand against the New England Patriots and that is Josh Gordon, their explosive wide receiver. There is no one quite like him in the NFL at the moment and his performance verifies that fact.
He may be the best at the moment but he is no good without the ball in his hand and that is where things get creaky. The Browns have problem getting the ball to their offensive weapons. As the 9-3 Patriots get ready to go up against 4-8 Browns, that is the question everyone is asking.
Gordon made an NFL record from the past two games for hauling in over 200 receiving yards in each game. He caught 10 passes and made a total of 261 yards plus two touchdowns against the Jacksonville Jaguars and against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he racked up 237 yards on 14 catches with one touchdown.
Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia said that Gordon’s performance was excellent and he was skilled in doing multiple runs.
“Obviously, Josh Gordon would be first and foremost (the) player that is really doing an excellent job within the (Browns’) system,” Patricia said. “He’s a bigger receiver (6-foot-3, 225 pound) that has great ability to separate downfield, but also runs a good combination of intermediate routes or even shorter routes.
He added that Gordon had both the physique and the skill set to excel as a wide receiver.
“He’s just got a good combination of size and speed that can allow him to be an explosive player, does a great job with his body when he’s going to get the ball,” he said, “or trying to shield off defenders because he’s got good hands with a big catch radius.”
Patricia said that Gordon wasn’t afraid to get physical and would use his body to protect the ball and cover yards, something which was very visible from his performance.
“So he can use his body and body position to shield the ball and be able to go up and get it and obviously his yards after catch (410 of his 1,249 receiving yards) have been phenomenal,” Patricia said. “So he’s certainly obviously a big person that we’ve got to make sure we have handled and taken care of in the game itself.”
It all finally comes down to who will throw the ball. Brandon Weeden came in for the quarterback position after being called to fill in for Jason Campbell, who sustained a concussion two weeks ago. Weeden wasn’t lucky as he himself got concussed last Sunday. And they have lost Brian Hoyer for the entire season after he got his knee injured. That leaves them with Caleb Haie and Alex Tanney to choose from. Either choice will show how the Browns fare against the Patriots and if they can take maximum advantage of Gordon.
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