Pau Gasol Was Suffering From a Respiratory Infection

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Blog Photo - Pau Gasol Was Suffering From a Respiratory Infection
Many Lakers fans were expecting Pau Gasol to step up his game with the departure of Dwight Howard and the Achilles injury of Kobe Bryant, but instead of Robin becoming Batman, the sidekick has taken the sidekick role to NBA journeymen.
Gasol is only averaging 15ppg along with a torrid field goal percentage of 36%.
But there may be an explanation as to why. It turns out that Gasol has been battling a respiratory infection all season long and it has severely inhibited his endurance levels. The good news is that Gasol may finally be getting healthy.
“I’m getting there, I’m not 100 percent,” Gasol said. “Unfortunately I had to go through two weeks of the respiratory infection that has been killing me. But now I feel better, I’m finally feel like I’m over it. I was able to push myself better and felt better tonight, so I look forward to continue to build on that and get closer to that 100 percent…I was getting fatigued really quickly and I can get my wind and conditioning better, and tonight I felt better so that’s a positive sign for the future…The minutes that I play I want to feel well, I want to feel strong, I want to feel explosive and not getting tired after five minutes and that’s the way it’s been going to the last two weeks or so with this infection.”
With Steve Nash hobbling all over the place and Kobe Bryant’s return still unknown, Gasol is going to have to step up his game if the Lakers are going to make the playoffs. And if they do make the playoffs, he is going to have to ramp up his game even more, in order for them to be affective against the bigger teams in the competitive Western Conference.
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