Pau Gasol makes 3pters in practice, but why?

9/21/13 in NBA   |   natsaar   |   160 respect

In case you were wondering how Pau Gasol is looking these days, the answer is pretty good.

The Los Angeles Lakers big man posted this video on his Facebook, showing him sinking a few 3pt shots.

He hasn't lost his shot, but the big question here for Lakers fans is, "Why?!" 

Why is Pau practicing 3pt shots when, at 7ft tall, he should stay close to the basket. It's possible that he shot these just for fun, or for some kind of rehab, but he still shouldn't be focusing too much on that shot. 

However, since coach Mike D'Antoni likes his players to shoot, this will fit in with the offense he wants to run. Unfortunately, while Pau sank these three shots, he'll be much more useful in the paint.
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