Paul PIerce and Kevin Garnett return to Boston

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett's return to Boston was as emotional as expected

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Blog Photo - Paul PIerce and Kevin Garnett return to Boston

Last night, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett made their first return to the TD Garden in Boston after being traded to the Brooklyn Nets.

As you might think, it was an incredibly emotional night. As a Celtics fan, I watched the pre-game tribute to Pierce and KG on TV, and found myself wishing I could have been among the 18,624 in attendance.

Celtics fans came out and celebrated the franchise's two greatest superstars since Larry Bird, giving them a standing ovation at every moment possible.

It started during pre-game intros, when Pierce and KG were announced:

Then, the Celtics gave them an incredible video tribute:

The Celtics also created in-game tributes, including this amazing one for KG:

After the game, KG and Pierce returned the love, talking about how they felt about the tributes. KG referred to it as "over the top" and "unbelievable."

There's no doubt that the city of Boston has a lot of love and appreciation for Pierce and Garnett, and they showed it in a big way last night during their return. It's great to see that the players felt the love and appreciated it as well.
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