Penn States Bill O'Brien leaving for the big league

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe celebrations of the New Year had a bitter taste for the Penn State as their head coach Bill O'Brien announced he would be leaving Penn State to follow his dreams in the NFL where the Houston Texans have offered him a coaching job. The Penn State is certainly saddened to see him go as he has been one hell of a coach to them.
O'Brien stayed with Penn State for two years and during his tenure as a coach there he was quick to show he was both an excellent leader and knew his way around strategies. He was the reason the football there found a breath of fresh air and battled all the odds that came down his way and he always ended on top of them. He won a total of 15 games out of the 24 his team played under him. Not only did the teams improve but they had remarkable wins such as that over Wisconsin.
The offense was revitalized. It developed a combination of pass and run games which added balanced attack to it. He once again proved that he has a knack to develop quarterbacks. He took Matt McGloin under his wing and made him an NFL quarterback. He also helped Christian Hackenberg to find his inner potential and become an NFL prospect at quarterback.
His achievements were not just limited to the field and the wins. He was also responsible for upping the recruiting level and brought a new age to the football program. His approach to the program was modern and he brought it up to speed and knowledge with time. He was a respected member of the community as well as the campus where he found respect.
The NCAA had imposed many restrictions but O'Brien was not one to limit his capabilities. With him as their head coach, O'Brien showed that Penn State had a huge potential and they could evolve to a whole new level if they wanted to.
But the thing still remained that he did not have plans to stay at Penn State in the long run and had always dreamed big. He always wanted to go in the NFL as all coaches dream of and Penn State always knew this as well as he did.
He had initially made contacts in the NFL about a year ago but chose to remain at Penn State rather than move on. Although there are fans at Penn State who are angry at him for leaving them just when the things were looking up, most of the people have respect for the man who has reconstructed their football program from literally scratch and before leaving has left it in a condition which is far stronger than it has been for a long time.
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