Pennsylvania man sues NFL to put the Steelers into the playoffs

A Steelers fan just won't let it go, and is suing to get the Steelers in the playoffs

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Dec 29, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) reacts at the line of scrimmage against the Cleveland Browns during the third quarter at Heinz Field. The Steelers won 20-7. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY SportsIf there's one thing that will set a fan base on its head, it's the Steelers missing the playoffs.

Their egomaniacal fans, who have been born on third base and think they hit a triple, can't fathom the idea of their precious warriors in black and gold missing out on a chance for football's biggest prize. After all, they've already claimed 6 Lombardi Trophies, more than any team in the NFL. It doesn't matter that younger Steelers fans weren't born for most of them, or don't remember a thing about them. Steelers fans are entitled to the playoffs by default, dammit, and they're going to fight for their right to party in the postseason.

That's why the missed field goal by Ryan Succop in Week 17 didn't sit well with them. It allowed the San Diego Chargers to go on and beat the Chiefs in overtime, knocking the Steelers out of the 6th and final playoff spot in the AFC.

Many Steelers fans have taken to social media to voice their displeasure, and even Steelers players have done the same. But one fan took it to the extreme. He filed a legal motion against the NFL, calling for the league to change the way they've done everything in the past, just to try to give the Steelers another shot at making the playoffs.

Before you ask… the answer is yes, this guy DOES have too much spare time on his hands. He's in jail.

His suggestions:
"The NFL could suspend the playoffs for a week to 10 days, allow Succop to re-kick the field goal, or let the Steelers play the Chargers at a neutral site to determine who plays on."

Forget that the NFL has never done anything remotely like this. This guy seriously thinks that such drastic measures should be made to ensure that his precious Steelers get one more chance to make the playoffs.

Forget the fact that they're 8-8, and are a mediocre team by every possible definition. Forget the fact that they've already lost to the only two AFC playoff teams that they played in the regular season. They somehow deserve a playoff chance, because a ref missed a call on a technicality that a vast majority of fans didn't even realize existed.

The non-call wasn't a big deal. It didn't even affect the kick. The Steelers aren't a good team, no matter how you slice it. And realistically, the Chargers are a better team, particularly right now.

Steelers fans (like this one) need to take a step back and inject a dose of reality into their pie-in-the-sky world. Your team isn't good, and they won't be good for a while. Get used to it.
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