Percy Harvin looking forward to a memorable Super Bowl performance

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsSeattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin has not exactly had a good first season with the Seahawks and faced many problems. Just to let them hold him back and take it easy would be an easy thing to do but he is not looking at that choice. For him, all that is now in the past and he is now looking forward optimistically to the future.
After sitting out 15 out of 16 regular season games, Harvin is focused on coming back strong to silence the critics about his performance. After having a hip surgery and then sustaining a concussion that forced him to sit out the NFC Championship game Harvin has set his sights on the upcoming Super Bowl event in which Seattle faces the Denver Broncos. For him, that is the perfect opportunity to give a great performance to show what he is made of.
Harvin said it had been an eventful season and he enjoyed every bit of it and knew his absence had affected his teammates as well.
‘‘It’s been a roller coaster, but it’s all been a blessing. I wouldn’t take anything back that happened this year. It’s made me a stronger person,’’ Harvin said. ‘‘It’s definitely been frustrating for a lot of people, not only myself but my teammates. Doug (Baldwin), some of the guys playing my position, not knowing whether I'm going to be at practice.”
Harvin said it was all in the past now and as the Seahawks head into the Super Bowl he was focused on it entirely.
“So it was definitely frustrating but it’s all over now. We get to play for the Super Bowl. That’s all in the past.’’
After clearing the NFL Concussion Protocol Harvin was allowed to participate in practice on Wednesday. He sustained the concussion on the NFC Divisional Game against the New Orleans Saints. For Harvin that was another injury in the long run that had made his season a roller coaster of ups and downs. He landed with the Seahawks after being traded by the Minnesota Vikings. He was then diagnosed with a damaged labrum in hip that needed surgical correction. That surgery made his miss 10 regular season games.
He was cleared to attend on Week 11 of NFL Regular Season 2013 but it seemed the hip needed more time. He came back in time for the playoffs and was a critical player for the team. Then he sustained a concussion when the Seahawks won 23-15 against the Saints.
‘‘Frustrating. That’s the word that I'll use. This whole year watching every single game was frustrating,’’ Harvin said. ‘‘But like I said having great teammates, great coaches it was good to be on the sideline and watch those guys perform.’’
But now with all focus on the Super Bowl it will be interesting to see how Harvin fares after coming off so much in the season and making it to the final match.
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